Flight from YVR

Apr 13, 2014 Sun
04:46Flight from YVR
04:47 Disney Donald Ducks
wait for flight to Houston
04:48 Disney Donald Ducks
04:52 Disney Micky Mouse
05:24 Flight scene to Quito
05:37onboard flight to Houston
06:06 Flight scene to Quito
06:15 Flight scene to Quito
10:13Arrive HOUSTON
10:13allergy still lvl 3
11:08Houston Layover
still have allergy after leaving vancouver
11:31 Stromboli Combo Lunch at Houston Airport
$US 10 at airport
17:10Flight to Quito start boarding
allergy stay at level 3 even after washing face
21:52 Flight scene to Quito
22:13arriving quito
22:14How far is the hotel
22:32Landed a bit early at Quito
23:05pick up by secret garden
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