Amazon day 5 Birdwatching

Apr 19, 2014 Sat
06:33Amazon day 5 Birdwatching
06:36 Guacamayo camp
06:48Fly catcher
06:59 Amazon birds
07:03 Amazon birds
07:03 Amazon birds
07:05 Amazon birds
07:05 Amazon birds
07:08 Amazon birds
07:20 Amazon birds
07:32 Amazon birds
07:56 Amazon birds
09:58 Amazon Monarch butterfly
10:18 Cuyabeno Flooded forest
12:02finished boat ride from jungle
waiting for bus to lago agrio?
12:04 Entrance to Jungle
12:05 Entrance to Jungle
12:06 friendship bridge
12:48 amazon gecko
15:38On bus to quito
maybe agency or someone overbooked the ticket
I ended up with two tickets but no seat... luckily I found an empty seat at 28...
now everything is fine.....
16:52still on bus
seemed to be jammed
16:58Bus move again
18:35piss stop at Bus station
18:53Bus from Los Agrio to Quito
$8 leave los Agrio 2:45pm
need to arrive early to grab your seat
someone may have pocket my money for the ticket.....
Heido gave me two ticket, but both seat was taken by someone from my group.
19:29still on bus
thx to the crazy driver, the eta is 8:21pm
20:35still going on bus
rain in quito
21:37 Secret Garden Private Room
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